Hex Crawl Alphabet: C is for Castle

Sand castle by Sue McGrew

The PCs have stumbled across a castle in their travels. Who lives there? What are they up to? Well, I took a slightly different approach with this, and I thought the best ideas for what they are up to might come from the judge just thinking about what certain combinations of results below mean. For example, an overcrowded ruin might be home to a military force in need of a makeshift shelter. Interested to see if anyone finds these helpful or if there should be a bit more to this entry.

Age 2d4 x (2d6 x 10)
Example: 2d4 result is 5. 2d6 result is 8. 8 times 10 is 80, and 5 times 80 is 400. This castle has stood for 400 years.

Original Purpose (1d20)
1-9: Military/strategic importance
10-18: Rulership
19-20: Holiday home

Occupancy (1d20)
1-3: Comfortable
4-5: Overcrowded
6-8: Diminished
9-11: Abandoned
12-13: Haunted
14-17: Squatters (bandits, cultists, humanoid monsters)
18-20: Monster (non-humanoid)

Construction (1d20)
1-3: Secure
4-5: Expanding
6-7: Rebuilding
8-13: Disrepair
14-20: Ruined

Author: John Carr

Gamer, comic guy, office drone.

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