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I’ve Officially Moved

Everything from here on out will be posted at If you are reading this, it’s because you follow this blog through one electronic means or another: If it’s through Facebook or Twitter, nothing changes; the new site is configured to … Continue reading

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New (Old) Look for a Map, and a Change of Venue

This is my 99th post on the blog, which is something I find pretty awesome. I was hoping I’d stick to this thing when I started, and it’s actually worked out well. Originally I thought I’d try to write a … Continue reading

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Magical Research and Consequences

Last week, I posted about some additional gold for xp options I’m going to try out for my DCC game. I’ve put together a document for magical research (which I’ve also added to the downloads section). Most credit should go … Continue reading

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The Night Children: Hobgoblins in the Age of Ruins

Hobgoblins are by far the most sinister and devious of the Night Children, possessing a sharp, cunning intellect to rival that of mankind. They commonly employ ranged weapons, such as bows, and many display knowledge of spellcraft — traits unique … Continue reading

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Making it Rain (without casting Control Weather): Spending Gold for XP in DCC RPG

A couple weeks ago I posted a version of Jeff’s carousing for xp rules, adapted to reflect the DCC RAW experience scale. So far in my DCC judging, I’ve awarded experience while adventuring using the guidelines in the rules, which … Continue reading

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DCC RPG Character Sheet Added to Downloads

I made a DCC character sheet using Jeremy Deram’s as a starting point (which in turn is adapted from 3.x style D&D sheets), which has been added to the Downloads page. All of the most pertinent stuff is still on … Continue reading

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Servants of Order and Entropy: Alignment and Allegiance

Earlier this week, Keith Davies posted a comparison of three different “alignment” systems: The nine alignments of AD&D, the three alignments of OD&D, and the allegiance system of FantasyCraft and d20 Modern. In a bit of synchronicity, last week I … Continue reading

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Hopping Death: Frog-Men for DCC

I’ve got mad love for frog-men; I know I’m not alone in this, both Wampus Country and the HMS Apollyon feature notable frog-man races. Much like the rat-men I’ve previously covered, frog-men as a traditional fantasy gaming adversary have roots … Continue reading

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New Downloads: DCC Carousing and Thief Skill Reference Sheet

I’ve added a couple new documents to the downloads page: Carousing rules for DCC and a Thief skill reference sheet. The carousing rules are based on the original rules by Jeff Rients, and Jeremy Deram came up with the simple … Continue reading

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The Ace of 3d4 Goblins: Playing Card-Based Random Encounters for Dungeons, Part 2

So you’ve decided to use playing cards instead of dice to determine random encounters in your dungeon. The next step is to create an encounter table that corresponds to your cards, so that a single draw not only tells you … Continue reading

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