Rat-Man Priest of Pestilence: DCC Monster

Just to be clear, this was a pre-scheduled post. If you are actually reading this on Thursday evening, there is a distinct possibility that I am currently out having dinner with the lovely Mrs. Elise Carr. Now, onto something a bit less attractive …

deviantART by daarken

Rat-men priests have the same stats as standard rat-men with the addition of the following magical abilities. They often use maces instead of short swords.

Blessing of the Plague Demon: Once per day, the priest can grant a blessing to all rat-men in a 30′ radius. The blessing lasts 1d4 rounds and provides +2 damage and a +2 bonus to the DC to resist rat-men’s disease (making the DC 14).

Choking Cloud: Rat-men priests can cast this spell with a +3 spell check bonus.

Summon Rats (3/day): The priest can cast a spell that brings forth either 1 rat swarm or 1d3 giant rats. That rats will emerge from the earth within 30′ of the caster; a swarm can be directed to emerge in a 20′ x 20′ space already occupied by the rat-men’s foes.

Author: John Carr

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