Rat-Men: DCC Monster Stat Update

deviantART by GuiltyOne

Doing another DCC monster update, this time to the rat-men. Despite all of the drastic changes in world during the intervening epochs, in the Age of the Sixth Ruination rat-men continue to thrive, infesting sewer, swamp, and dungeon alike.


Init +1; Atk bite +0 melee (1d4) or short sword +0 melee (1d6); AC 12 (ragged armor); HD 1d8; MV 40′, Swim 20′; Act 1d20; SP disease, infravision 60′, sneak silently +2; SV Fort +1, Ref +2, Will -1; AL N.

Disease: Every time a character takes damage from a rat-man’s bite, or from a weapon that the rat-man has coated with filth,  they must make a Fortitude save vs. DC 12. Failure indicates that the character has been infected with some disease, generally coughing spasms or something similar. The PC suffers -1 Stamina for every such failed save, though the effect has a delayed onset of one turn after the end of combat.

Sneak Silently: Per the Thief class ability.

Author: John Carr

Gamer, comic guy, office drone.

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