The Sky City of Luen-Shai

by me
by me

Beyond the Realm of 1,000 Valleys lies a vast desert wasteland; it is the grave of the once-mighty Kaizan-Luo Imperium. Only one stronghold of its former glory remains in the entire barren expanse, floating nearly 5,000 feet above the rocks and sand: Luen-Shai, the last Sky City, home to one million surviving denizens of the empire.

No achievement of Kaizan-Luo geomancy was greater than the creation of the ley line dynamos that once held aloft innumerable city-states. The geomancers of Luen-Shai have long since lost the secrets of creation, and strive only to maintain the engines preserving their city. Luen-Shai slowly traces its way across thousands of miles of wasteland (moving roughly one mile a day), following the paths of the ley lines beneath the earth. Endless rivers of arcane waste from the dynamos rain down in its wake. The resulting toxic landscape mixed with the potent magical energy of the ley lines has filled the desert below with hideous mutants and monsters, some of which take flight and have to be repelled from the city by massive cannons.

Within the city walls the high-born and wealthy enjoy a life of feasts and balls amid the ornate metal and glass towers, flitting from one party to the next in small short-range airships. In the slums and tunnels below, the filthy unkempt masses try to scrape by day-to-day. The two worlds are kept separate by the vigilant Raiden-Heishi, elaborate golems animated by enslaved lightning demons.

They look something like this.
They look something like this.

Somewhere in the bowels of the city the geomancers oversee the vast engines with assistance from hordes of strange servant creatures. Rumor has long held that the geomancers have secret ways of leaving and returning to the city to bring back slaves and magical artifacts from distant lands, but if this is so, the wizards keep their secrets well.

Author: John Carr

Gamer, comic guy, office drone.

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