New Year, New (and Old) Game: Age of Ruins goes Dungeon Crawl Classics

After a bit of deliberation, I decided it’s time for a fresh start in our monthly game. I knew some flavor of D&D would be the best fit for a casual and easy-to-launch game for our group, being that the vast majority of shared gaming experience at the table is with D&D. I’ve read a bunch of different retro-clones and lightweight rules systems over the past year as I grew more and more fascinated with the OSR world. One I heard talked about a ton but hadn’t read myself was Goodman Games’ Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG; two weeks ago I got a PDF copy for myself and fell head over heels.

The tone, art style, and rules of DCC are pretty much the perfect match for where my head is at with gaming right now. It’s very easy to see why so many people are so vocal about their love for the game.

In a nice moment of synchronicity, I sent out a group text message this morning and happily discovered everyone else was on board with the spirit of the change as well. I then wandered over Google+, only to discover that the D&D Classics web store had gone live (and subsequently crashed from the traffic). Since converting from older editions of D&D to DCC basically consists of changing descending AC to ascending AC and then calling it a day, I’d like to thank WoTC for opening the gates to the TSR treasure-trove just in time for the new campaign!

In terms of the setting, I’m advancing the timeline significantly, although in the spirit of old-school D&D and DCC, I’m not worrying about a lot of detail since the starting PCs will generally be extremely ignorant of the world beyond their village anyway. Here are the basics:

  • It is 765th year in the Age of the Sixth Ruination. Only the most learned sages know anything of the previous eras or the details of how they ended; regarding the length of each age, even the wisest of the wise say that the count of years is simply unfathomable. Ever so slightly more commonly know are the names of the Six Ruinations.
      1. Wrath of the Great Bear
      2. Obtrusion of Spheres
      3. Conflagration of the Warrior-Kings
      4. Discordance of the Petty Gods
      5. Pestilence of Nyarlathotep
      6. Maelstrom of the Chaos Lords
  • The continent where play begins — the whole world as far as most of the PCs know — is known as the “Realm of 1,000 Valleys.”
  • The most common openly worshipped faiths in this land are those of St. Trebor of the Gavel and Malroth, Lord of Hooded Spirits.

And that’s about it. The name game is slated to kick off on February 24th; between now and then I’ll be revisiting some older posts to update some things to D&D-compatible rules (definitely the goblins and the rat-men). Right now I plan on including stats for both DCC/D&D and Savage Worlds in future posts, because I do still have a lot of love for SW.

Author: John Carr

Gamer, comic guy, office drone.

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