ADCC: Deed-Based Warrior Subclasses

That’s Advanced Dungeon Crawl Classics (ADCC) – credit for the acronym goes to Ryan Colby.

by InferalFinn

A while back I posted my take on the Ranger for DCC, inspired by Crawl! Fanzine #6, which also featured DCC versions of the paladin, bard, and gnome. I’ve actually had someone just start playing a ranger in my game, and I’m already seeing some problems. I’m not sure that the problems are with my own design (though they could be). The thing is, the ranger as a separate class is really dependent on the style of play to have value at the table. If there’s lots of dungeon crawling going on and the monsters don’t fit the favored enemy, then the class seems like it kind of sucks compared to the others.

More than that, though, DCC has really brought me around to seeing the simple elegance of the four basic classes for humans (it’s also really brought me around on race as class, as I’ve mentioned before). And it occurred to me last Friday morning, as I was pouring my coffee and about to leave for work, that there’s a simpler way to add rangers, paladins, barbarians and the like to DCC with more mechanics than just role-playing but less than a separate class. And that way is through my most favorite of DCC rules, the Mighty Deed of Arms.

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Variety in Demi-humans and Bloggers

I’m still slacking on getting myself set up to take decent pictures of my minis. My Bones rewards are scheduled to arrive Tuesday, so I really need to get on that. The Bones minis are, after all, a big part of my excuse to paint minis and call it blogging.

Speaking of which, the Bones Kickstarter pulled my friend Bry back into the world of gaming, and since she’s been posting notes on Facebook about prep for the game, I asked her if she’d like to become a contributor to this blog. So now I’ve tweaked the posts to show the author profile at the end of each post to make it much clearer who wrote it. She’s going to be running 3.5 with a healthy amount of houseruling, so those posts should be covering a slightly different space than I’ve touched on with my DCC and Savage Worlds content.

Over at the esteemed Dyson’s Dodecahedron blog, Dyson Logos has been posting d12 tables for generating quick sub-classes for old school games. The first one to really catch my eye from the DCC perspective was the dwarf list, though Dyson fairly points out that if you are using these for any class, you should use them for every class. In all fairness, the dwarf is on a pretty similar power level to the other classes (not that balance is a major concern), and some variety in dwarves can already be attained by using Jeffrey Tadlock’s dwarf cleric class or some variant thereof. As far as elves, I honestly can say that I really like that all elf PCs in DCC are the same class and prefer the variety I introduced in this post.

Halfling-ChefThen there are halflings. I also like that halflings are all one class, but it seems to be the consensus that the class is a little bit weaker than the others. So I’m thinking that I may introduce the halfling subclasses into my game first and then consider the others as play unfolds.

Of course, that’s just my game. All of these subclasses make for simple and fun additions to old school games, and you should check out the full series for yourself.