Who’s the Toughest Mage-Type Person in the Area? (Random Table)

Following up from my previous post on warriors, here’s a table for magic-users. Roll 2d20:

How Tough is the Toughest Mage-Type Person in the Area?

1-2: 3rd level / Novice rank with a couple advancements
3-7: 5th level / Seasoned rank
8-13: 7th level / Veteran rank
14-18: 9th level / Heroic rank
19-20: 10th level plus / Legendary rank

Who is the Toughest Mage-Type Person in the Area?

  1. General practitioner studied in astronomy/astrology; has an impressive observatory and orrery.
  2. General practitioner who is elderly, kindly, and more than a bit forgetful; was once a powerful servant of the Great Old Ones before having mind shattered in a ritual stopped by self-sacrificing heroes.
  3. General practitioner of a highly academic bent; quite pretentious.
  4. General practitioner who is a former child prodigy/chosen one; now a dilettante and raconteur.
  5. Effigist focusing on the crafting of exquisite golems of traditional materials such as stone and iron.
  6. Alchemist consumed by the quest to perfect their craft and study the texts of peers and predecessors.
  7. Travelling alchemist who is a canny salesman; a bit lazy in the lab and produces potions with undesirable side effects. The toughest actual local is 2 levels / 1 rank lower; roll again to determine personality.
  8. Illusionist who believes that “reality” is an elaborate illusion of unknown purpose.
  9. Illusionist who is a skilled pick-up artist; dresses in a manner befitting a pirate.
  10. Pyromancer who is a bit quiet and generally keeps to themself.
  11. Chronomancer prone to trailing thoughts and exclamatory interjections.
  12. Summoner with a hyper-competitive outlook; favors elemental creatures such as fire lizards and lightning rats.
  13. Witch living on the fringe of the community and protecting it from the dark forces in the wilds.
  14. Witch living on the fringe of the community who occasionally corrupts virgins and steals children.
  15. Diviner who oddly always comments on future gastrointestinal health along with any other predications.
  16. Necromancer obsessed with flesh golems and other modified undead.
  17. Necromancer with a horde of skeletons ordered to defend against intruders, keep the house tidy, and make surprisingly tasty and not-at-all disgusting dinners.
  18. Infernalist who seeks political prominence and wealth.
  19. Thief of forgotten and forbidden lore (aka “adventurer”) with an arsenal of deadly artifacts; will not hesitate to electrocute anyone who looks at them the wrong way.
  20. Doppelgänger; roll again to see who it replaced.

The Words of Wizards: Spells in the Age of Ruins

Back in my introduction of the Age of Ruins setting, I mentioned that the rules set out during the world’s creation stated that there are “no ‘flashy’ direct-damage dealing spells” outside of the dangerous rituals. I introduced that particular rule because I wanted mages to have a different vibe than the artillery that they so often become in RPGs (and to have serious consequences for pulling out the big guns).

Listed below are the Savage Worlds powers that characters with AB: Magic can learn. As previously noted, the campaign uses the “No Power Points” rules from SWD (p. 95), and I have modified the function of some powers because of this. I try to put a big emphasis on trappings to not only create diversity, but also to reinforce the specificity of a spell, as perceived in-world, versus a power, which is purely a rules construct. In addition, I’m very open to introducing spells from other RPGs (especially of the OSR variety) that have particular effects which no Savage World power easily duplicates. Conversion is especially easy in the context of not using power points.

Power List for Arcane Background: Magic

  • Analyze Foe (FC)
  • Animate Hand (SK)
  • Armor
  • Banish
  • Barrier
  • Beast Friend
  • Bless/Curse (FC)*^
  • Blind
  • Boost/Lower Trait*^
  • Burrow*
  • Confusion
  • Darksight
  • Deflection
  • Detect/Conceal Arcana^
  • Disguise
  • Dispel
  • Draining Touch (FC)
  • Elemental Manipulation
  • Entangle
  • Environmental Protection
  • Farsight
  • Fear
  • Fly*
  • Greater Healing
  • Growth/Shrink^
  • Havoc
  • Healing
  • Intangibility
  • Invisibility
  • Legerdemain (FC)
  • Light/Obscure^
  • Pummel
  • Puppet
  • Quickness
  • Shape Change
  • Slow
  • Slumber
  • Speak Language
  • Speed
  • Succor
  • Summon Ally
  • Telekinesis (FC)
  • Teleport
  • Wall Walker*
  • Zombie

* Power is modified in some way, as noted below.
^ Effect/Reverse Effect must be taken as separate powers.
(FC) Power is found in the Fantasy Companion.
(SK) Power is found in Savage Worlds of Solomon Kane.

When one of these powers are learned, a single Trait must be chosen that the spell always affects. However, the Spellcasting penalty is halved (the same effect as halving the power point cost).

Boost/Lower Trait
As with Bless/Curse, a single Trait must be chosen and the Spellcasting penalty is halved.

This power can be maintained indefinitely while burrowing, but once you have emerged from the ground the effect ends and a new Spellcasting roll is required to burrow again.

A trapping requirement of this power is an object focus, usually determined by the culture of the caster (such as a witch’s broomstick).

Wall Walker
The power requires that at least three of the recipient’s appendages maintain contact with the surface they are “walking” on (such as both feet and one hand). This makes combat while using the power rather tricky, resulting in a -2 penalty to Fighting rolls. In addition the power cannot be maintained; it has a duration of 1 hour.