DCC RPG Spell Record Sheet

Another new addition to the Downloads section — this time it’s a Spell Record Sheet. Hopefully this proves a handy addition for a few wizards, clerics, and elves out there.

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DCC RPG Thief Skill Reference Sheet Updated

I’ve updated my Thief Skill Reference Sheet so that it can more readily be used by a thief-player as their primary reference for skills. Now each skill lists the which attribute modifier, if any, applies, and there’s a bit more room in the spacing for the player to write the character’s total bonus near the skill name on the sheet. I also added a section near the top to note which skill path the thief is following. As always, the updated sheet can be found in the Downloads section.

DCC RPG Character Sheet Added to Downloads

I made a DCC character sheet using Jeremy Deram’s as a starting point (which in turn is adapted from 3.x style D&D sheets), which has been added to the Downloads page. All of the most pertinent stuff is still on page one, but I did make a two-page sheet with equipment on the second page to allow room for a few house rules:

  • A slight tweak of Brendan’s encumbrance system — armor doesn’t add encumbrance since it already slows you in DCC, backpack holds up to 10 items counting as 1 item, and a -5′ speed penalty is applied in addition to the -1 penalty for every significant item above Strength.
  • My simple provisions system is in effect, and it’s still one level for the whole party even though the track is on each character sheet. The survival roll to preserve a level of provisions is a skill check against DC 10 + the number of party members made by the most eligible party member.
  • I’m not 100% sure how I’m going to work the simplified ammo system in DCC, but it will probably work like this.

EDIT: I corrected the spelling of “deity.” Thanks John Zo!

New Downloads: DCC Carousing and Thief Skill Reference Sheet

I’ve added a couple new documents to the downloads page: Carousing rules for DCC and a Thief skill reference sheet.

The carousing rules are based on the original rules by Jeff Rients, and Jeremy Deram came up with the simple way to make them jive with the DCC RAW experience system. One notable change is that I’ve made the consequences into a d100 chart. The original carousing rules has the PC make a save vs. poison, and if they failed the save they rolled a d20 for consequences. To determine the percent chance that there would be no negative consequence, I averaged the save vs. poison number for a 1st through 10th level fighter in Labyrinth Lord rules. As far as making some negative consequences more likely than others, that was purely personal choice.

All of the examples on the thief reference sheet are drawn from DCC RPG, save for the DC 10 pick pocket example, which I added myself.

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG DM Screen Inserts

This is the second week I’m not writing the post about the Imperial Sourcebook that continues my WEG Star Wars nostalgia, but the mental energy from the decision to switch to DCC RPG for my monthly game cannot be denied.

One of my favorite deceptively-named gaming accessories is the Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen. The reason the name is so misleading is that it can be customized to GM any game as long as you have tables and player-facing art that fits on standard 8.5 x 11″ printer paper in landscape layout. So, with reference assistance from Jeremy Deram’s excellent DCC RPG Ref Sheets, I put together a DCC GM screen insert document for use with the Savage Worlds screen:

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG DM Screen Inserts

I’ll leave the player-facing art up to you, but between a PDF copy of the DCC rulebook and some Google Image searching, it shouldn’t be hard to put together something nice:

DCC Screen

Savage Worlds Character Sheet and Party Resource Sheet

I love Savage Worlds as a system, but I’m not a big fan of any of the official character sheets. They are too graphical for my taste; I’m a big fan of simple and functional when it comes to character sheets. When I first started running the game I put together my own character sheet, but I recently decided that I wanted to tweak it to reflect some of the house rules that I’ve covered on this blog (particularly the encumbrance posts).

I’ve also had the “Party Resource Sheet” for some time, but I gave it a slight aesthetic tweak to bring it into line with the updated character sheet. The listed costs for ammo and provisions could vary from campaign to campaign, of course, but I think these are a pretty reasonable baseline.

The images below link to the PDFs for your downloading pleasure, should you be so inclined.

SW Character Sheet
Savage Worlds Character Sheet
SW Party Resource Sheet
Savage Worlds Party Resource Sheet