Hex Crawl Alphabet: B is for Bandits

deviantART by Robedirobrob

Fantasy wilderlands are downright infested by bandits, brigands, and burglars of all stripes. Here are a couple of tables to help generate bandit camps. I’ve only concerned myself with the hit dice of the bandit’s leader, but bigger camps will surely have a few intermediaries with extra HD as well.

1d20: Bandit Leader HD / # of Bandits

1-8: 2 HD / 10 bandits
9-14: 3 HD / 20 bandits
15-18: 4 HD / 40 bandits
19-20: 5 HD / 80 bandits

Who’s the Bandit Leader?

1. Deposed noble, striking back at enemies
2. Brutal, murderous thug
3. Clever schemer with connections to a big city thieves’ guild
4. Decadent and hedonistic slaver
5. Lotus-addled psychopath
6. Wizard school drop-out
7. King of the Orphans
8. Pirate captain who lost their ship
9. Hideously deformed outcast
10. Vocal champion of the proletariat
11. Deranged ex-military leader experiencing visions in the wilds
12. Pragmatic and professional slaver
13. Down-on-luck mercenary
14. Drunken lout
15. Barbarian wanderer
16. Corrupt ex-watch captain, exiled
17. Excommunicated clergy
18. Bastard child of royalty
19. Gongfarmer who’s put up with enough shit
20. Vampire!

Author: John Carr

Gamer, comic guy, office drone.

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