Hex Crawl Alphabet: A is for Animals

I’ve already quoted Eliot’s apocryphal advice about great writers stealing in a previous post, but I’ve got to bring it up again here. Michael Curtis’s Dungeon Alphabet (also in PDF) is one of the most ostentatiously useful and fun system-neutral supplements even published; if you don’t own it, you should. So last night when I got thinking about how I hadn’t done any random tables in a while, I got some inspiration and decided on a project – the Wilderness Hex Crawl Alphabet. Not surprisingly, I found that I wasn’t the first person to have this idea. Jim Pacek published The Wilderness Alphabet in 2010. Based on a couple of reviews I read, I think that the list of subjects I came up should differ significantly enough from his to justify proceeding with the project (especially since I already came up with a few potential table ideas for each letter). So this is the first in a series of alphabetical posts featuring tables to assist with wilderness hex crawls.

deviantART by Sampl3dBeans

Let’s start with Animals. Many a rural region is home to mythic animal that features heavily in the oral tradition of the locals. When your PCs arrive in a new village, roll 1d10 on each column to see what legendary animal dwells in the nearby wilds:

D10 Adjective Animal Mythic Trait
1 Golden Bear Grants wishes
2 Silver Stag Bestows visions
3 White Hawk Hunts perpatrators of a particular crime
4 Black Owl Eats children
5 Shining Wolf (1-5) Blesses or (6-10) curses journeys
6 Flame Boar Foretells (1-5) famines or (6-10) plagues
7 Great Stallion (1-5) Heals the sick or (6-10) raises the dead
8 Ghost Raven Commands all animals
9 Demon Lion Omen of death
10 King/Queen of the Bull Opens a passage to faerie realms


Author: John Carr

Gamer, comic guy, office drone.

One thought on “Hex Crawl Alphabet: A is for Animals”

  1. Once again I am printing out a chart of yours and stealing it for my soon-to-be-campaign.

    Thanks again for doing part of my work for me.

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