A Very Short introduction

Originally posted by Brianna Heine on the other (now defunct) version of this site.

Hello all. My name is Brianna. I’ve been a friend of John’s for quite some time now. In our slightly younger years we would bounce RPG ideas off of each other pretty regularly. In a way it was like writing a regular blog just face-to-face.

I’d like to start off by saying thank you to John for finding a place on his blog for me. I hope I can add some content that lives up to the quality he presents with his posts.

tsr_6850I’ve been playing RPGs for quite some time now. My first game was Marvel Super Heroes RPG way back in 1984. My friend Joe used to play D&D so I asked my mom if I could and was told no. Back then D&D was for worshiping the devil and my mother would let me have nothing to do with it. Superheroes on the other hand were safe so MSHRPG was the only choice. A year later I moved on to DC Heroes RPG. Eventually my mom realized that we were just kids and satanism had nothing to do with playing a game. Thank you mom. I’ve been pretty much an exclusive D&D fan ever since.

So I, like many of you, have just received my Bones shipment and it’s infected me with the gaming bug again. The goal I hope to achieve by posting here is two-fold. First I want to present some Ideas I’ve had rolling around in my head. I’d like to think I have something useful to add to someone else’s game. Second I’m looking for feedback on those very same ideas. I know that I don’t have all the answers and I’m sure you have something to add to my game.

I’m going to try to post once a week. I’m going to try to post more if possible because there are a lot of ideas I have ready and they’re itching to come out.

Just keep in mind that although I have visited many other gamer’s blogs I know that I haven’t read every post everyone has made so far. I’m certain that these will hardly be completely new ideas so if you know where to find other posts about the same subject please point me in the right direction.

Well that’s all for now. My first game content post will be about me choosing the right system for the kind of game I want to run. I look forward to sharing my ideas with all of you.

Author: John Carr

Gamer, comic guy, office drone.

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