Split River: The Word Around Town

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In a previous play report, I mentioned that my DCC party is currently based out of the mining town of Split River. In the interest of summing things up before game night (and of having another post this week despite getting my ass kicked at work), here’s a list of knowledge, rumors, and gossip that the party has thus far picked up while hanging around town:

  • Split River is a booming mining town. It is centered around an ancient and enduring mountain highway built by a forgotten empire; to the north the highway splits and spreads throughout the Thousand Valleys where it remains the primary means of trade and transit between valleys. Heading south leads to the southern edge of the Thousand Valleys and beyond that ultimately to Punjar, Tarnished Jewel of the Lorian Sea. To the east lies the Hushed Valley, a sparsely populated land of farming villages and ruins; to the west is the Great Toad Bog.
  • Split River was founded centuries ago to mine iron for shipment to Punjar, but the town boomed a mere decade ago when large veins of glow-rock were discovered in the deep mines. Merchants from the far corners the world come to buy the glow-rock and have made several residents very wealthy, none moreso than Baron Harn Aleford, the ancestral leader of the community.
  • The town’s finest inn is the Obsidian Sage, a many-floored rest stop and bathhouse as old as the highway itself. The name comes from an extremely lifelike black stone sculpture of a man working at a desk that sits on a raised dias in the center of the tavern room.
  • Punjar is also know as the “City of 1,000 Gates.” While most folk will tell you the name is simply because of the myriad gates and arches that adorn the city’s architecture, those with some knowledge of the arcane arts whisper that the real reason for the moniker is that the city serves as a weird nexus of portals and wormholes to other worlds.
  • The overlord of Punjar was once a low-born thief. His ascent to power stands as an example of the promise the city holds for the ambitious and motivated.
  • Rare lotus flowers valued by sorcerers and alchemists grow in the Great Toad Bog. Some who risk danger to harvest these flowers have reported strange stone and crystal domes rising from the muck in the depths of the swamp.
  • The final ruler of the fallen kingdom of the Hushed Valley was a cruel tyrant called the Sterling Potentate. Under the Potentate’s rule, a vast underground prison known as the Stonehell was constructed by the very prisoners it held. When a mass uprising led to the kingdom’s collapse, many prisoners had grown so feral in the depths of the Stonehell that they never left its pitch-black halls.
  • The farming village of Splash Town sits at the base of the waterfall into the Hushed Valley and provides all of Split River’s food. A day north lies a wizard’s tower surrounded by a perpetual storm, supposedly abandoned for 60 years since an apprentice murdered the former master.
  • High in the foot hills on the eastern edge of the Hushed Valley there is a solitary citadel that is home to a mysterious wizard known as the Emerald Enchanter.
  • The hills and forests of the Thousand Valleys are home to the barbarians known as the Arctur-Ul, and the southern valleys are no different. These savage warriors worship the Great Bear and Great Owl gods, and revere bizarre amalgam beasts as the holy offspring of the great spirits.

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