Quick and Dirty Deeds

It is a scientific fact that Mighty Deeds of Arms are one of the coolest things about the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. The best deeds are definitely the ones that emerge as a natural reaction to the specific circumstances of a battle. But even the most creative of players may not be able to come up with something spectacularly special for every attack, and for that reason the sample deeds in the combat chapter are particularly helpful.

Along those lines, here are few simple deeds that can help fill the gap when no other badass maneuver readily presents itself. The inspiration here is two-fold. First, when talking to Pathfinder/3.x fans about DCC, I explain that DCC simplifies things not be completely removing feats but rather by giving every warrior any feat imaginable. With that in mind, it’s only natural to glance back at some of the more straightforward feats as inspiration for simple deeds. Second, some of this grew out of discussion on the wonderful Google+ DCC RPG community, in particular from a question I asked when I initially moved from running Savage Worlds to DCC. The esteemed Reverend Dak (EIC of Crawl! Fanzine) came up with his “Minion Massacre” deed in response, and my further thoughts on that led to these first two deeds.

Sweep Attack: A warrior using a slashing weapon swings out in a forceful, wide arc. If the deed succeeds, he may evenly split the damage from his attack across multiple opponents in melee range, up to a number of opponents equal to the result of the deed die. The warrior still has to designate a main target to determine if the deed was successful, and his attack roll still needs to hit a secondary target’s AC for them to take damage.

Thank you for existing, Darick Robertson.

Cleave: This warrior has set her sights on splitting her opponents in twain with ferocious strikes. If the deed succeeds and the attack kills the first opponent, the warrior may make another attack roll at -2d versus another opponent in melee range (the deed die is not re-rolled). If the second attack also kills its target and other potential victims remain in melee range, she may continue making such attacks a number of times equal to the result of the deed die, provided that she keeps killing an opponent with each blow. Any non-fatal strike stops the warrior’s string of attacks.


Loincloth Warrior / Swashbuckler: A hulking mass of muscle with something resembling a brain exudes a palpable sense of a danger, cowing his opponents. A skilled duelist deftly parries every strike that comes her way, and does so with a smile. Either way, the result is the same — as long as the character is wearing no armor, the warrior gets the result of the deed die as a bonus to AC for that round. It’s gives a bigger kick then Defensive Maneuvers, with the obvious tradeoffs of not being able to wear armor or provide any benefit to nearby allies.


Author: John Carr

Gamer, comic guy, office drone.

2 thoughts on “Quick and Dirty Deeds”

  1. Not sure I’d limit Sweep attack to slashing weapons. I’m pretty sure a 4lbs piece of flanged steel can accomplish a similar goal. Piercing weapons are right out though.

    1. Fair point on flails and maces, Bry – the whole weapon type thing is pretty abstract in DCC anyway, as they aren’t officially categorized. But we all know which is which.

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