DCC Funnel Characters from Non-Standard Races

When I posted my DCC-ified tiefling the other day, Paul Wolfe asked how I would incorporate it in funnel play. I thought about it a bit, and then I thought about some of the other new DCC racial classes that others had come up with (such as Mike Evans’s take on Warforged). I realized that it might be helpful to put together a method of character generation for otherwise by-the-book DCC funnels that accommodates any number of non-standard races the judge wants to incorporate.

I put together this PDF, which I’ll be adding to the Downloads page, but it basically boils down to this: Each character makes two d100 rolls at the occupation step, the first to determine race and the second to determine actual occupation based on that race. Based on the occupation table in the DCC RPG rulebook, a normal character has a 69% chance to be human, 11% to be dwarf, and 10% each to be an elf or halfling. I decided that there would be a 5% chance that a character would be any given non-traditional race, and came up with this 5% by shaving 2% off the chance to be human and 1% off the chance to be each of the other non-human races. It ends up looking like this:

01-67 — Human
68-77 — Dwarf
78-86 — Halfling
87-95 — Elf
96-00 — Other

If the other result comes up and there’s only one non-standard race in play, then the character is a member of that race. If there’s more than one non-standard race in play, the judge can either divy up the 5% between them or have the player roll on another table to determine their exact race.

The percentage chances of specific occupations for human don’t match exactly to their likelihood on the standard table because there are 54 of them and the math just didn’t work out perfectly. So the occupations that were already more likely than others are now ever so slightly more so, and a few other occupations received a marginal bump as well.

Author: John Carr

Gamer, comic guy, office drone.

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