New (Old) Look for a Map, and a Change of Venue

This is my 99th post on the blog, which is something I find pretty awesome. I was hoping I’d stick to this thing when I started, and it’s actually worked out well. Originally I thought I’d try to write a lot more essays/thoughts on older games and gaming culture in general, and at some point I may do some of that again, but shifting to DCC RPG as the game I was playing really ramped up my desire to post actual game-able material.

I chose over Blogger for a lot of reasons, but it can be boiled down simply to a personal preference for the user interface. However, there are some limits to using that really bother, especially in the blogroll department — my Links Library page is manually maintained and can’t really do what I want. That’s why as of post #100 I’m going to be moving over to a hosted WordPress blog at! I still have a bunch of tweaking to do to get the layout and the look where I want it, but all of the posts have been exported and anything on here is now up there.

Due to the limitations in coding on blogs, I won’t be able to do a redirect, so I’ll be tweaking this site very shortly with reminders that this is the old version if you land here from a link. If you’ve been following me via WordPress Reader or RSS, you’ll have to update to the new site (I don’t know if you can follow hosted blogs through WordPress Reader), and if you’ve been following me through any other method (Twitter, Facebook), I’ll of course do all the work on the back end so you’ll automatically go to the new site. However you do it, thanks for reading, I genuinely love doing this and knowing that anyone is reading makes it all that much more satisfying!

I also mentioned a map in the subject line. A while back I did a hand-drawn regional map, which I added a hex layer to on my computer. I’m really proud of the drawing, but from an actual gaming standpoint I’ve gotten really used to using Hexographer style maps both for the clean look and ease of editing. Fortunately Hexographer has had a trace feature for a while now, so here’s the 6-mile hex version of the Southern Border Valleys:

Click to bigify

Author: John Carr

Gamer, comic guy, office drone.

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