Hopping Death: Frog-Men for DCC

I’ve got mad love for frog-men; I know I’m not alone in this, both Wampus Country and the HMS Apollyon feature notable frog-man races. Much like the rat-men I’ve previously covered, frog-men as a traditional fantasy gaming adversary have roots in British game publishing (though the credits actually indicate Luke and Gary Gygax created the race). I like to use them in classic chaotic humanoid mode, generally filling the niche of a rival faction in swamps otherwise dominated by lizard-men or rat-men.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to take a crack at statting them for DCC — Attack of the Frawgs certainly must have done so, and also I haven’t picked up Critters, Creatures, & Denizens which might have covered them as well. I got the inspiration to use a deed die for one of their abilities from Sepulcher of the Mountain God (which I’m running a slightly modded version of this weekend). I think it’s a neat alternative to low-DC saving throws for special abilities on low-level monsters.

deviantART by Deimos-Remus

Frog-Man: Init +0; Atk bite +1 melee (1d4), tongue +1d3 deed melee (1d3), or as weapon +1 melee; AC 13 + armor; HD 1d8; MV 15′, Jump 30′, Swim 30′; Act 1d20; SP camouflage, hop attack, tongue;  SV Fort +0, Ref +2, Will -1; AL C.

Camouflage: Frog-men easily blend into their swampy environment and always have at least a 20% chance to surprise even characters actively on the watch for them. Against less vigilant or swamp-savvy adventurers the chance of surprise is 50%.

Hop attack: After jumping at least 15′ into an attack using a piercing weapon, frog-men gain +1D to hit and score a critical on a natural 22-24.

Tongue: Frog-men use their powerful tongues in combat against foes in melee range. In addition to bludgeoning damage, frog-men roll a d3 deed die when attacking with their tongue. A frog-man may attempt to either disarm or trip the opponent on a successful deed roll (per DCC RPG pgs. 89-90).

Author: John Carr

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4 thoughts on “Hopping Death: Frog-Men for DCC”

  1. Hey there,
    I actually statted out several different types of Frawgs in that module (Frawg Croaker, Frawg Spawner, Frawg Hoppers) each with some different types of characteristics.

    Here’s one from the finale of the mod:

    Frawg Croaker
    Init +1; Atk seashell mace +1 melee (1d6) or claws +0 melee
    (1d3); AC 13; HD 2d8; hp 10; MV 30’; Act 1d20; SP infravision
    60’, deafening croak (DC 12 Will); SV Fort +2, Ref +0, Will -1;
    AL C

    The frawg has the ability to use a deafening croak to
    disorient its victims. The croak affects any PC within 10
    feet of the frawg croaker. PCs who fail their Will check
    attack at -1 for the next 1d3 rounds. The croaker can
    produce this croak 1 time per 3 rounds.

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