Miniatures for the DCC Funnel

I’m getting prepped to finally run my DCC funnel this weekend, Sailors on the Starless Sea. Sometimes I wish we could schedule the game more frequently than once a month, but the demands of adult life are numerous. I’m very excited that it’s finally here, though.

Besides making sure I was comfortable with the rules, giving the adventure a couple reads through, and generating a few sets of zeros so we can get right into it, there was one other thing I wanted to be ready for. When it comes to RPG combat, I’m a minis guy. Even if the game’s combat system doesn’t make their use a necessity, I’d rather use them than not for most fights. But the nature of a funnel demands a lot more minis on the players’ side than your average D&D game. My solution: Treat unique minis as character classes are treated; you get one when you hit 1st level at 10 xp. Until then?

Funnel Minis 1Humans and elves get the men-at-arms/bowmen/peasants, dwarves and halflings get the dwarf warriors. The minis all have numbers on their bases for easy reference (the human minis and dwarf minis are numbered seperately). A lot of these guys come from the old Battle Masters game. The dwarves are 90s Citadel plastic warriors, as are the Brettonian archers. There are also a few pig-carrying peasants from the D&D Minis line mixed in.

Funnel Minis 2

Author: John Carr

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