Goblins: DCC Monster Stat Update

deviantART by DavidRapozaArt

Here is my pre-play take on the DCC stats for goblins of the Night Children variety. While I should hesitate to stat up monsters for a game I haven’t technically played, I have played plenty of D&D in my day, both 2E and 3.xE. Plus, these are pretty much just the goblin stats from the book with a couple extra abilities added.


Init -1; Atk bite or claw -1 melee (1d3) or as weapon -1 melee; AC 10 + armor; HD 1d6-1; MV 20′, jump 10′, climb 15′; Act 1d20; SP infravision 60’, -1 attack in bright light, swarm, vulnerable to fire; SV Fort -2, Ref +1, Will -2; AL C

Swarm: If at least 3 goblins are in melee with an adversary of human size or larger, they can attempt to swarm the target. The goblins make a grapple check against the target with a bonus equal to +1 for every goblin involved. The opponent reduces any size bonus by -4, so a human target gets no bonus for being larger than the goblins. If the goblins win they swarm the opponent, stabbing, biting, and clawing; this inflicts 1d4 damage per goblin. The opponent is also pinned. If the pinned creature succeeds in their grapple check on subsequent rounds, they manage to remove 1 goblin for every 5 points (or fraction thereof) by which they beat the goblins’ roll.

Vulnerable to Fire: Goblins take an additional 1d6 damage from fire, and have a 50% chance of catching fire whenever they take damage.

Author: John Carr

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