Saturday Morning Maps: Atgur Brutal, The Great Swamp

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Stretching for nearly 1,000 miles between the salty marshes at its ends, the Atgur Brutal (“Killer/Death of Men”) stands as a natural barrier between the Atgur Reach and the rest of the northern continent. For centuries Arethi merchants toiled to maintain marked, raised trade routes that would allow safe traversal of the swamp to the Reach, but in the 30 odd years since Iso Kharu’s Wrath the swamp has nearly erased these paths.

Countless creatures call the swamp their home, including intelligent beings such as bullywugs and lizard-men. By far the most dominant humanoid swamp dwellers are the rat-men, who once had a great city of their own in the depths of the swamp.

Author: John Carr

Gamer, comic guy, office drone.

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