Savage Worlds Character Sheet and Party Resource Sheet

I love Savage Worlds as a system, but I’m not a big fan of any of the official character sheets. They are too graphical for my taste; I’m a big fan of simple and functional when it comes to character sheets. When I first started running the game I put together my own character sheet, but I recently decided that I wanted to tweak it to reflect some of the house rules that I’ve covered on this blog (particularly the encumbrance posts).

I’ve also had the “Party Resource Sheet” for some time, but I gave it a slight aesthetic tweak to bring it into line with the updated character sheet. The listed costs for ammo and provisions could vary from campaign to campaign, of course, but I think these are a pretty reasonable baseline.

The images below link to the PDFs for your downloading pleasure, should you be so inclined.

SW Character Sheet
Savage Worlds Character Sheet
SW Party Resource Sheet
Savage Worlds Party Resource Sheet

Author: John Carr

Gamer, comic guy, office drone.

2 thoughts on “Savage Worlds Character Sheet and Party Resource Sheet”

  1. Found that after googling “Savage Worlds character sheet”

    I love it, this is the best character sheet I have found, kudos! I’ll be using it in my games

    If I may: if you swapped the encumbrance and the charisma boxes, the encumbrance rules would be closer together, which would make more sense.
    And/or simply move the charisma box below the run one, making them symmetrical with the stats column, while moving the toughness and parry summary texts right next to their respective boxes, where charisma/Encumbrance used to be.

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