Novices with Followers and Other Sundry Perks: Some Miscellaneous Edges

I am thoroughly enjoying the vacation days I took to extend my holiday from work until 2013 (a year that sounds very much like the FUTURE) and had an excellent Christmas with the family. On the gaming front, one of my brothers-in-law got me the Savage Worlds Horror Companion and my in-laws got me the Legend of Drizzt, which I wanted mostly for the minis. The Horror Companion should prove very useful for the darker fantasy vibe of the Age of Ruins.

In the spirit of taking it easy this week, I’m just codifying a few Edges that have been kicking around my brain with no real overarching theme.

Requirements: Wild Card, Novice
Heroes often travel with some sort of attendant character, be it a mage’s bodyguard or a knight’s squire. When this edge is chosen, you gain one follower matching the guidelines described on SWD p. 42. Unlike the guidelines there, lost followers will automatically be replaced; however, you must be in a large enough settlement to reasonably find a replacement (determined by the GM) and you must be there for at least 3 weeks minus your Charisma before a follower is replaced. This edge may be taken multiple times, but only once per rank.

Requirements: Novice, Extraction, Agility D8+, Fighting D8+
You wade through a battle, striking as you go. Add +1 to Fighting rolls versus a foe you did not attack on the previous round (or with a previous attack in the same round).

Improved Reaver
Requirements: Veteran, Reaver
As above, but the bonus increases to +2.

These two edges were inspired by the Whirling Berserker mentioned in this post at Papers & Pencils. Also, I know I’m being pretty inaccurate with the definition of reaver, but it’s kind of become a catch-all term for savage badassery in the postFirefly era.

The next one obviously doesn’t apply to the Age of Ruins; the genesis of the idea dates to our previous Iron Kingdoms campaign.

Requirements: Seasoned, Two-Fisted, Agility d8+, Strength d8+, Shooting d10+
You suffer no penalty to your Shooting roll when firing a gun with one hand that normally requires two hands, such as a carbine. (The normal penalty I apply for attempting this is -2.)

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