Who’s the High Chief in These Parts? (Random Table)

The PCs have bumped into some barbarians, and they’re either parleying or are already defeated and being hauled back to the village. Who do these guys answer to? I put this together with the Arcturun High Chiefs of the home game in mind, but it is certainly generic enough to work for just about any fantasy setting.

d12 First Name Clan Part 1 Clan Part 2 Trait
1 Undrol Big River Significant portion of body covered with burn scars
2 Hathor Dead Eagle Missing tongue, but very capable of getting a point across
3 Grundas Feathered Axe Blessedly hirsute
4 Toktri Little Wolf Runes of warding tattooed on face
5 Jarth Blood Rock One empty eye socket surrounded by severe scarring
6 Yontoth Mountain Cleave Angrily growls or shouts pretty much everything
7 Arnda Grey Bear Blind, but has yet to lose a duel
8 Rogdek Split Sky Majority of nose chopped off
9 Stuldar Black Tree Nude most of the time
10 Fendrin Savage Hill Extremely soft spoken and stoic, even when angry
11 Mayrtolk Broken Moon Intensely spiritual and faithful
12 Nelthek Brown Skull Cannibal, but only with people of different ethnicity/race

Author: John Carr

Gamer, comic guy, office drone.

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