Alchemy in the Age of Ruins

The Alchemist by David Teniers the YoungerTonight’s short post brought to you courtesy of the now-broken stand on our artificial Christmas tree and the extra running around it necessitated.

The science of alchemy delves into the base elements of existence and the strange essence of the otherwise intangible. Alchemy is not magic, per se, but trained alchemists can achieve extraordinary ends with their concoctions.

In game terms, alchemy in the Age of Ruins follows Arcane Background: Alchemy as described on pages 23-25 of the Fantasy Companion with a couple minor alterations. The No Power Points rule applies as normal, giving a penalty to the Alchemy skill roll. Since there are no power points, is no limit on how many potions an alchemist can create at a time. However, there is an added economic component to somewhat compensate for this: every potion requires consumable components worth 75 silver per rank of the power. So a potion based on a Novice power costs 75 silver to create, a potion based on a Seasoned power costs 150 silver, and so on. Also, the time required to create a potion is increased to two hours per rank.

A simple failure on the Alchemy role consumes the materials and causes “noxious vapors” as per the Alchemy Backlash table. Rolling a 1 on the Alchemy die (regardless of wild die) requires the alchemist roll on the Alchemy Backlash table, following the modified results below. The Perilous Practice rule applies.

Alchemy Backlash
1-10: Noxious vapors per Fantasy Companion p. 24
11-17: Medium Burst explosion, 2d6 damage
18-20: Large Burst explosion, 3d6 damage

I’m still mulling over the list of power effects that alchemists can learn, but for now the Fantasy Companion list works, save for Fly and Teleport being removed. As with mage spells, effect/reverse effect powers must be learned separately and Boost/Lower Trait only applies to one trait each time it is learned.

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