Gods of the Age of Ruins, Part II

Continued from here, and with credits at the end. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Photoshopped from an original image by Ingrid Taylar

Arcanus (Lord of Magic, Gatekeeper to Endless Realms) and Rukma (Lord of the Void, Sentinel of the Outer Dark)
The gods of the twin moons hold dominion over the arcane energies that infuse the world and allow the well-studied to manipulate magic. Arcanus is believed to be the source from which all magic emenates; he dwells at the crossroads of all places and is said to be able to open the way to an infinite number of other worlds. When the larger moon reaches apex, the invisible “ley lines” that infuse the earth create brilliant auroras in the sky above. From what little is known of the so-called “high elves” of Evenyore, they seem to revere Arcanus as a creator, since their emissaries have remarked that they “come from Arcanus.” Rukma is believed to keep magic in check, limiting to what end men can utilize its power and punishing those who fail to properly execute arcane formulae; he dwells at the edge of of places, keeping guard agains the alien powers that dwell in the black seas of Chaos beyond all knowing. It is said that the towering volcano in the northwest is a fragment of the smaller moon that fell to the earth, and that is why magic grow weaker as one moves to the heart of the surrounding badlands.

Vollund (The Heartless Storm, The Seething Maelstrom)
The name of Vollund is invoked in prayers of pleading pity, as all fear his boundless rage, yet without his rains nothing can grow. Even though the wood elves largely revere Iso Kharu, they believe themselves to be the children of the Heartless Storm; a great gathering storm at the edge of a forest is often an omen of wood elf raids. It is said venturing into ocean waters is a blasphemy in the eyes of Vollund, and that is why raging waves and gargantuan beasts destroy any boat that leaves the water of the rivers and enters the sea.

Typhostrum (The King Beyond the Bladed Winds, The Master of Dragons)
The immortal being that called itself Typhostrum dwelt in a palace of ice beyond the glacial sea of the east. From there it whispered into the dreams of the men dwelling in the eastern lands, and taught them the secrets of taming dragons that they might ride the beasts through the Bladed Winds and come to worship at its feet. With mastery over dragons and other fouler secrets of Typhostrum, the Dracatur Empire rose in the east, ever-threatening the lands to the west and defiling the villages of the Arcturun Hills. The might of the mutated serpent-priests and dragon riders of Dracatur reigned in fear for 1,000 years until a fateful day of reckoning now four decades past. The sky above Typhostrum’s palace opened, revealing a blinding brilliance, and the endless howling of the Bladed Winds ceased. For a moment, it was as if the whole world was still. And then a vast pillar of flame, said by some to resemble the shape of a bears paw, rained down upon the Master of Dragons, destroying its palace and killing the would-be god. Within days, the armies of Iso Kharu’s Wrath poured forth from the Arcuturn Hills and began their great crusade.


Iso Kharu …. Alex Rivera

Malroth …. Joe Salamone

The Virtuous Trinity …. Bob Krol

Arcanus & Rukma …. Mike Schmidt

Vollund …. Mike Goodman

Typhostrum …. Pierce Hacking

Author: John Carr

Gamer, comic guy, office drone.

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