Saturday Morning Maps: The Atgur Reach Revisited

This was going to be my map for this week if I went to Pittsburgh, since I didn’t really have time to get something drawn. Alas, I did not go to Pittsburgh, per my doctor’s orders, which was definitely the right decision. As it’s been, I really haven’t had the mental wherewithal to want to do much but watch movies and play video games.

I wasn’t really happy with the original iteration of the Atgur Reach map for a few reasons; I’m much more satisfied with this version. Of course, there are certainly things to be added as PCs discover them, but this is the general consumption map.

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Separated from the rest of the northern continent by the vast swamp know as the Atgur Brutal, the Reach is home to the ancient and sprawling metropolis of Atgur, “The First and Last City of Men.” The city is often referred to as “Atgur Proper” in scholarly works to distinguish it from the race of people of the same name. In recent decades the Reach’s population has boomed with refugees fleeing Iso Kharu’s Wrath, though the number who escaped the cities to the east was but a small fraction and of those nearly half died trying to cross the swamp.

The Atgur pride themselves on having built the most stalwart and enduring fortresses in the known world, and the line of castles keeping watch over the Brutal has stood for countless generations. Still, with such a wide border incursions are inevitable, and the labyrinthine sewers of Atgur Proper are home to several warrens of rat-men (and worse).

Author: John Carr

Gamer, comic guy, office drone.

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