A Bit More About Faith

I got some helpful feedback on Thursday’s post over at the Savage Worlds forums and I wanted to throw up this short addendum about some modifications I’ve already decided to make to the Faith rules.

The skill itself will now allow characters resisting Intimidation, Fear, or the effects of spells or monster abilities that require Spirit rolls to instead choose to make a Faith roll.  Any bonuses that would normally apply to the Spirit roll also apply to the Faith roll. In addition, characters required to make a Spirit or Vigor roll as a result of a Hazard may also choose to make a Faith roll.

The previous mentioned “supernatural Notice” function of the skill now requires an edge, detailed below. I’ve also modified the Dauntless edge and am reprinting the Clergy edge created by Chris Hartmann and Gordon Lawyer in Shark Bytes volume 2 issue 3 (with very slight modification to the requirements).

Revelation of Sin
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+, Faith d8+
Characters with this edge can sense the presence of blasphemy in whatever form their Faith defines it. When using this edge, characters’ Faith functions in a similar matter to Notice, but being used to detect otherworldy presences, unholy taints, and the mark of extreme sin or possession on other characters. Characters with this edge may also roll Faith in place of Notice when an unholy creature (demon, undead, priest of an opposed religion) attempts to deceive them.

Requirements: Novice, Faith d4+
You are an ordained priest, monk, or other recognized leader of your religion. Characters with this edge command respect and receive a +2 to Charisma when dealing with followers of their faith. In addition, these characters may gain role-playing benefits as appropriate to their station within the setting. Unlike the other Faith edges, the benefits of Clergy can only be lost if word of a failure to keep one’s Vows gets out.

Requirements: Seasoned, Faith d8+
Your character’s Faith helps him fight on despite the odds. Characters with this edge may make a Faith roll with a +2 bonus instead of a Spirit roll when attempting to recover from being Shaken. Also, any additional bonuses that would normally apply to the Spirit roll apply to the Faith roll (such as the +2 bonus from Combat Reflexes).

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