The Power of Faith in the Age of Ruins

I always welcome feedback on all of my posts, but I especially invite it on this one from people with lots of Savage Worlds experience, as what’s an Edge and what should just be part of the skill is still in flux in my mind.

Angel CrusadersArcane Background: Miracles does not exist in the Age of Ruins; however, characters with profound devotion to their god or gods can still gain special benefits as a result of their faith. The Faith skill is based on the Spirit attribute, and can be taken by any character. It allows characters to endure great hardships and summon courage where others might not, as well as functioning as a prerequisite for certain edges. Characters resisting Intimidation or Fear may choose to make a Faith or Spirit roll, whichever is higher. Any time a spell or monster ability causes characters to make a Spirit roll, they can choose to roll Faith instead.

In addition, characters required to make a Spirit or Vigor roll as a result of a Hazard may also choose to make a Faith roll. Finally, Faith can serve in place of Notice when supernatural opposition to characters’ Faith is involved, at the GM’s discretion.

Beginning characters who take the Faith skill should take a Vow as at least one of their Hindrances. Within the Age of Ruins setting, characters should only have the Faith skill if they are devoted to one of the true gods — cultists worshipping the various demon princes can have an insane fervor about them, but they do not manifest true Faith in the manner of a pious priest of the Sun-Sister or a devout druid of the Great Bear.

Crisis of Faith: Under certain circumstances, doubt and fear can creep into characters’ hearts and undermine their Faith. This can occur at the GM’s discretion whenever characters’ Faith fails them in a particularly dramatic fashion or when specifically called out by a Faith ability. Characters so effected cannot call use the Faith skill for 5 days, at which point they must make a Faith roll. Success means that Faith is restored; failure means waiting another 5 days and checking again. Visiting holy sites may allow an immediate roll, potentially with a bonus. Rolling a 1 on the Faith die (regardless of the wild die) results in the characters’ Faith being permanently reduced by 1 die type; characters with a d4 may lose their Faith altogether. If an advancement is gained while experiencing a Crisis of Faith, that advancement may not be used to increase the Faith skill; however, the advancement may be held until Faith is restored. Characters who lose their Faith entirely as a result of rolling a 1 may use a future advancement to restore their Faith at the GM’s discretion.

Edges: The Champion edge from the core rules drops AB: Miracles as a prerequisite, but retains the Faith skill requirement. The Holy/Unholy Warrior edge is modified below along with some additional edges characters may take to enhance their Faith.

Holy/Unholy Warrior
Requirements:Novice, Spirit d8+, Faith d6+
As an action, priests or other holy persons may call upon their chosen deity to repulse supernaturally evil creatures, such as the undead, demons, and the like. It also works on characters of opposed Faith. Repulsing evil effects all such creatures within a range equal to the characters’ Spirit. Targeted creatures within that range must make an opposed Faith roll (using Spirit if they have no Faith). If the characters wins, the target is Shaken; a raise means it is destroyed. Wild Cards suffer an automatic Wound instead. If targeted creature beat a character’s roll, they are unaffected; if a target wins with a raise, the character experiences a Crisis of Faith. Intelligent undead and powerful demons may gain a bonus to their opposed roll as high as +4 for the most ancient vampires and liches.

Lay Hands
Requirements: Novice, Faith d6+
The character gains the ability to heal to divinely heal. Characters may either heal wounds per the Healing power or heal fatigue per the Succor power. All of the normal penalties to the check apply per the “No Power Points” rules; however, there is no Backlash if a 1 is rolled. If you attempt to heal another character with Faith in a different religion, there is an additional penalty on the roll equal to half of the target character’s Faith.

Requirements: Seasoned, Faith d8+
Your character’s Faith helps him fight on despite the odds. You may roll Faith when attempting to recover from being Shaken. Bonuses that would normally apply to the Spirit roll do not apply.

Requirements: Seasoned, Dauntless, Faith d10+
As above, but any additional bonuses that would normally apply to the Spirit roll do apply.

Prayer of Intercession
Requirements: Veteran, Lay Hands, Faith d10+
The character’s ability to divinely heal is greatly enhanced. This functions as Lay Hands, but using the Greater Healing power.

Rebuke Spirits
Requirements: Veteran, Holy/Unholy Warrior, Faith d10+
Your hero’s ability to confront otherworldly entities grows in might. This functions as the Banish power. All of the normal penalties to the check apply per the “No Power Points” rules, however, there is no Backlash if a 1 is rolled.

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